Paintings by Wendy

Wendy amazed me with her crayons; her sense of colour, her playful perspective and her prolific expression. She would pull out these water-soluble crayons in restaurants and use her drinking-water to wash them out.... the images speak for themselves...

There will always be those who will insist that art have an agenda, that it conform to the tenets of an ism, that it apply strictly defined rules of form and colour. I believe that art of this type often serves no greater purpose than to keep art-critics employed, and provide art-enthusiasts with material for their cereberal wank-a-thons. Art, I believe, is valid and even exalted as a form of self-expression; what is an artist if not a person who seeks to share their vision with the world around them?

Through these pictures, Wendy continues to share her visions with us. Whether they be dark and haunting, garish or whimsical. I hope they will bring a smile, or a moment of contemplation to your day.

Note: the background on Wendy's home page was scanned from one of her paintings too.

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