Bubbles of Choice

Pustefix is the liquid supreme! Rainbow colours, a cute little bear, german-engineered and tasty too! Apparently exchange rates are making this premium brand rare in Toronto... Science City has reduced their stock, and The Toy Store in Yorkville had their stock depleted by a super-natural force in March this year (1995).

Wendy introduced me to this vice in 1993; although they became her trademark, to my knowledge the bubble blowing was originally a distraction during her quit-smoking phases. I recall admiring her creativity in finding a joyful surrogate for the dreaded carginogenic digital/oral/respiratory fixation.

At the Hilton lobby bar after Siggraph '93 in Annahiem, I was enjoying a moment of post-show decompression when a soap bubble wafted my way and landed on the bar near me. I followed these short-lived spheroid entities to a young man who was blowing bubbles in the lobby. I ventured a discussion on the subject at hand, mentioning my friend's eccentric new "addiction"; her habit of crashing the doors at Science City at 6:00 p.m., just in time to buy a "fix of 'fix". We ended up discussing design flaws on the bear-dispenser, and I thought; this moment is for Wendy, not for me....

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