Here I am 6.5 yrs later... I found this site by accident, looking for my friend Cary...
But isn't "by accident" the way we meet most of the important people in our lives?
Her memory truly IS immortal... and she is still making new friends. :o)
Sean Martin, SMKJS1420@AOL.COM
I've searched for you for years, but remembered you daily, regretted not knowing how to make you happy. I will always remember the young woman you were when we loved. I'm sorry I did not know the woman you became.
Jeanette Everitt,
Wendy will live on in the loving memory of her Uncle Paul. She was truly loved.
Tina Roberson,
We're blowing bubbles for you in Jacksonville (Alabama) Wendy.
Graham Newbigging,
I share the name but I did not know Wendy except what I read in the media but this page shows she was a real person and is a testament to her memory.
Sylvia ,
This is a lovely tribute to Wendy. She comes across as a very special friend. The eulogy was especially touching. She was very fortunate to have such dear friends who love her so dearly.
Billy Vinton,
I recently lost a friend to suicide and I wish somebody would have done something like this for Andy. Oh well. This is incredibly depressing stuff. -bill
Ricki Mclaughlin,
What a touching and loving memorial! Thank you for sharing part of your life with us. Walk in Peace.
Tracy Newbigging,
I stumbled into this- totally unsuspecting. What an incredible thing to do. Wendy sounds very special- as do her friends. I will never look at soap bubbles again in the same way!!!!
It seems I am the first complete stranger to wander across this site. I was deeply moved by the experience and glimpsed for a second the incredibly delicate thread of existence to which we cling. Life is so transient and to be remembered like this is not only a fitting memorial to someone who was obviously a very special person, but also to teach others (like myself) a little more about themselves. I thank you for it.
Tom Newbigging,
This page is a wonderful testiment to life...and spirit

Rupinder Ahluwalia,
Everyone on this page has been touched by you in some way, Wendy. I only met you once, but I remember your smile in the sunshine and the overalls you wore, and your sunglasses. I wish I could have got to know you better, but because of you I have met some amazing people. You will always have a place in my memories and in my life. Thank you for saying hello. And if you ever need a place to stay on your travels... my heart is always open. With love and abiding warmth,

Tim Meehan,
Reading about Wendy in the papers, I got a very strong sense of loss. This wonderful person, whom I never knew, somehow seemed like an old friend. It's a very strange feeling which I can't explain. To this day I think of her every time I see someone blowing bubbles. This page is a wonderful tribute to her, and to you, her friends. I read that Wendy was obessed with immortality - well, Wendy IS here, and in the hearts of all her friends who were blessed by knowing her.

Wendy, I would have like to have been your friend, too.

Matt Pounsett,
I'm always astounded at what one can find after sifting through all the "noise" on the 'net. Every so often, I come across a true work of beauty; this is certainly one of them. It is an incredible testament to the person Wendy must be that she has such good friends as these.
Darlene Hiler,
Lovely letter, beautiful paintings, blessed friend. Sleep well Dream Weaver.

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